Easy Online Manuscript Submission & Tracking

  • Easy Manuscript Submission process by providing  a user-friendly interface to authors
  • Online Registration for easy login to the scientific researchers.
  • Helps authors to submit their research papers online free.
  • The incomplete research papers can be stored and resumed later within the journal software
  • Providing journal authors the facility to suggest reviewers of their choice through the online Journal management software
  • Notifies every time the manuscript receives feedback from the editorial members or the peer reviewers
  • The Research scholars can view the rating and comments given by international editors and reviewers
  • Reviewers can send manuscript revisions easily.
  • Real-time tracking of research articles by email notifications or logging in to the publishing real-time journal management system.

Online Journal Review for seamless and quality publishing

Intuitive Reviewing Process

  • Reminds Reviewers through automatic reminders before the due date
  • Publishing real-time simplifies and automates the whole manuscript review cycle by reducing operational tasks of both – Peer Reviewer as well as the Editor
  • Provides commenting and rating facility on manuscripts to Reviewers
  • Helps view comments history for a particular manuscript with a single mouse click
  • Facilitates Reviewers to delay the review and set the pending date as per his convenience
  • Sends email notifications to Peer Reviewers on Manuscripts arrival the Reviewers ensure whether the manuscript was concise and the material presented well? Was the manuscript properly written, well organized, and easy to follow? Was the grammar, spelling and punctuation proper?
  • Should manuscript be more comprehensive and shortened?

Journal abstracting and indexing Help

Publishing real-time provides journal abstracting indexing help through appropriate meta tags in articles that get published. We also generate articles in XML and HTML format also as per the inclusion requirement of Indexing Agencies.

Indexed journals usually contain authentic and quality information. Now publishing real-time Editors can flaunt the latest index list on their website.

A&I service providers for all fields of study Web of science (Thomson Reuters), Scopus (Elsevier), Google scholar

Reach Scholar Community effectively

  • Publishing real-timejournals are built with proper search optimization. We  ensure that the online journals published will be search engine friendly for the online research community
  • Increases the number of journal scholars because of the intuitive and appealing design
  • The professional journal website is easier to navigate With proper site structure every page is accessible
  • The articles are widely read and the no. of citations increase automatically for quality articles
  • With proper Meta tags and site optimization the online journalseasily in Google scholar, Scopus etc.

Update of Journal Information

  • Update journal researchers, editorial members and publishers about the latest acts and policies
  • Highlight latest events & developments in the field of study
  • Tell users about the recentarticles
  • Inform stakeholders when the publishing real-time gets published
  • Inform about press conferences, meetings and seminars

Most Downloaded

  • The number of downloads are displayed against each article to enable users publish more articles.
  • Keep a count of the most downloaded Articles
  • Highlights the articles which are more popular
  • Trending insights for the topics & authors that interest users

Easy Search for Articles in an online Journal

  • Searching Articles in our journal is easy now – It takes seconds. This great feature gives you many options to find peer reviewed articles or group of articles. Search can be done by various key parameters like Title, Author Name, Keywords, Issue No. etc. You can narrow the results by putting multiple search conditions

Notifications & Alerts

Allow publishing real-time authors to receive email notification from the point of online registration to when their papers have undergone any decision

  • Also notifies the journal authors and reviewer when the article get published

    Newsletter Subscription

  • When readers enter their email addresses, they get Updates through news letters
  • They also get information about online journal important news, updates, upcoming events, conferences etc in newsletter via email.
  • Our Journal owners can reach a broad range of audience with minimal cost.

Manuscript Statistics

  • Publishing real-time displays overall distribution of manuscripts – under submission, revision, under review, published or rejected
  • A single graph gives an immediate overview of the scientific journal statistics with article status